Teddy Bears in Pear: the intergenerational dialogue starts in Italy

The local activities foreeen for the project Teddy Bears in Pair are starting.

The activities are going be implemented at local level have been discussed, planned and organized through a bottom up approach, after meetings and discussions held with the local community, NGOs institutions and other relevant stakeholders, so to set up a climate of cooperation and collaboration.

Through the sharing, monitoring, analysis, evaluation, the storytelling of experiences and good bractices, the project will stimulate an attitude to a participatory approach to the social and community life, thanks to a wider awareness of the modern digital tools.

The use of non formal education, experiential education and peer education willl be preferred, in order to let the participant feel as the main character of the project
The project is involving:
– 20 elderly people;
– 20 yougn people both local and refugees hosted in the community
The activities are being focused on:
– linguistic learning
– the territory: agriculture, food & wine traditions
– the people: traditional dances, sports and games