5th Partner Meeting in Slovenia

The last, 5th Teddy Bears Project Meeting took its place from 12th to 15th June 2018 in Ajdovščina, Slovenia.

It involved staff and representatives of the partner organizations from Poland, France, Spain, Slovenia and Italy.

Specifically, it took place at the Ljudska Univerza Ajdovščina headquarters, the Slovenian project partner and involved members from: Mikołow County (Poland, 5 people), Ljudska Univerza Ajdovščina (Slovenia, 2 people), the E-Seniors Association (France, 2 people), the SEYF Association (Italy, 2 people) and the Paisahe Cultural Aranjuez Foundation (Spain, 3 people).

The meeting has been a final productive moment for summing up the project “Teddy Bears in Pairs- e-learning with grandchildren” financed by EU Erasmus+ Program.

During the meeting, facilitated by the Slovenian partners, the results of two major international project activities, i.e. Blended Learning Event in Poland, as well as International Project Disseminating Conference in Paris, were presented by Edward Dawidowski (Mikołów County, Poland) and Annelore Hermann (E-Seniors, France) . The meeting also foresaw the active interaction with the local authorities, the local partners of the projects and the participants directly involved in the activities at local level.

The Mayor of the Municipality Ajdovščina, Mr. Tadej Beočanin welcomed the guests together with the LUA Director Mrs. Eva Mermolja.

Major emphasis was put here onto main project common product- Intellectual Output “Handbook of Intergenerational e-Learning Programme”, that was elaborated by all partner organizations and was edited, compiled and supervised by Ljudska Univerza Ajdovščina; finally, there participated all students from all experimental groups in partner organisations.