The 4th meeting of the implementation staff took place from 8th to 11th October in Lecce, Italy.

It involved staff and representatives of the partner organizations from Poland, France, Spain, Slovenia and Italy.

Specifically, it took place at the SEYF headquarters, the Italian project partner and involved members from: Mikołow County (Poland, 1 people), People’s University in Ajdovščina (Slovenia, 2 people), the E-Seniors Association (France, 2 people), the SEYF Association (Italy, 2 people) and the Paisahe Cultural Aranjuez Foundation (Spain, 1 people).

The meeting has been a productive moment for taking stock of the situation of the project “Teddy Bears in Pairs- e-learning with grandchildren” financed by EU Erasmus+ Program.

During the meeting, facilitated by the Project Coordinator Edward Dawidowski (Mikołow County) the delegates did a periodical evaluation on the state of art of the project, by monitoring strenghts and criticial point and assessing suugesting any successful solution.The meeting also foresaw the active interaction with the local authorities, the local partners of the projects and the participants directly involved in the activities at local level.

The Mayor of the Municipality Andrano, mr. Mario Accoto welcomed the guests together with the vice-mayor Mrs. Antonia Rizzelli and the functionaries of the Municipality Mrs. Antonella Botrugno (Europe Office) and Mrs. Salavtora Accogli (Welfare Office).

Some important hint has been provided by the local organizations involved in the project at local level (“AUSER Il Ponte” e “Associazione Anziani-Infanzia”), which presented their own activities, introduced their participants and contributed with their direct experience in the field of intergenerational dialogue.

One interesting point has been the presentation of the project “innovability”, implemented by the Municipality of Andrano in cooperation with SWIM – Liberi di  Nuotare, for sea-services dedicated to elederly people and people with physical disabilities: it has been a useful moment for networking and discussing about possible follow up of the project.

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