Agreement among SEYF, the Municipality of Andrano, Auser and GUS for the implementation of activities

SEYF – South Europe Youth Forum, as Italian partner of the project Teddy Bears in Pairs,  has signed an official agreement for the implementation of activities at local level with:

  • The Municipality of Andrano, represented by the Mayor , mr Mario Accoto. The public body is going to act as warrantor, for the benefit of the target involved in the project (elderly people and young people);
  • The President of the organization GUS Gruppo Umana Solidarietà “Guido Puletti”, mr Paolo Bernabucci, is currently managing a project, together with the Municipality of Andrano, for giving ospitality to young refugees holding asylum or international protection;
  • The President of the local organization “Auser – Ponte”, mr. Luigi Giorgiani, which is currently working for the integration and active aging of elderly people of the community of Andrano and for the promotion of integenerational dialogue.

The agreement stated the official launch of the activities at local level, by defining the activities upon an evaluation on the needs of the community.

Official Agreement for Italian Implementation of Activities