Dissemination of Teddy Bears in Pairs project results

In June, the Adult Education Center Ajdovščina conducted two presentations of the results of the Teddy Bears in Pairs – e-learning with grandchildren (ERASMUS + programme, KA2) for two different target groups.

The first presentation of the results took place on Tuesday, June 12th 2018, at the premises of the Municipality of Ajdovščina at a meeting of 15 members of the Local Partnership to Increase the Employment of Young People in the Local Labour Market. The Municipality of Ajdovščina, educational institutions (primary and secondary schools, Adult Education Centers), the Employment Service, businessmen, craftsmen, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and other important stakeholders are all closely involved in the local partnership. The main purpose of the local partnership is that the local environment responds in a timely and appropriate manner to the situation and changes in the labour market. The second presentation of the results took place on Thursday, 14 June 2018, at a meeting of employees at the Adult Education Center Ajdovščina, attended by 7 adult educators and external professionals.

At both meetings, the Slovenian project coordinator presented the entire project Teddy bears in pairs, its final results, and discussed with them the possibilities of transferring them to professional practice. Both meetings of the Adult Education Center Ajdovščina are considered successful, as many proposals for new intergenerational cooperation and for the creation of new educational programmes including intergenerational e-literacy and integration have been provided.